Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Mrs. Ciara Daughtry has held positions in the disciplines of Criminal Intelligence, Child Exploitation, and Prison Reform. With honorable distinction, Ciara has retired from sworn public service for the citizens of the State of Georgia. As a member of a specialized team, Ciara has liaised with top intelligence officials in the development of new streamlined systems to better bridge the gaps between the Criminal Justice professionals in the Atlanta region. She has an extensive background in investigating sexual crimes, supervising convicted felons, assisting transition from prison to society, executive protection of prominent officials and trauma advocacy. Ciara is considered a subject matter expert in Human Trafficking, and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. As a result of a successful career, she established a Consulting Firm that offers experience in threat assessments, intelligence analysis, criminal investigations of human trafficking, child exploitation, organized crime, and liaising. Some of the experiences include, having led and manage intelligence briefings, warrant operations, helped bring to life local policy initiatives. She is rained in Critical Incident Response, firearms proficiency, link analysis, emergency operations and is considered having expertise in the areas of management, research, investigations, communication, data collection, logistics and policy.


Bachelors of Science | Albany State University | 2001 | Education

Master of Science | Everest University | 2008 | Criminal Justice/National Security

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Federal, State, Local Government