Professor of Political Science

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Website

  • Ph.D. , Washington University in St. Louis 1989, Political Science
  • B.A. , University of Rochester 1983, Political Science
Areas of Expertise
  • Interest groups and lobbying
  • Congressional-executive relations
  • Presidential signing statements
  • Abortion politics
  • U.S. Congress
  • Judicial review of bureaucratic decision-making
Course Instruction
Research Interests

Policymaking, presidential signing statements, bureaucratic lobbying, and judicial review.

Selected Publications
  • Lobbying and Policymaking: The Public Pursuit of Private Interests. 2012. With Ken Godwin and Erik Godwin. Washington DC: CQ Press.
  • Abortion Politics in Congress: Strategic Incrementalism and Policy Change. 2011. With Thad Hall. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • “Congressional Response to Presidential Signing Statements.” 2012. With Brian M. Harward and Kenneth W. Moffett. American Politics Research 40:1067-1091.
  • “Economic Modeling of Interest Groups and Lobbying.” With Austin Clemens. 2011. In Guide to Interest Groups and Lobbying, Ed. Burdett Loomis, Assoc Ed.s Peter Francia and Dara Strolovich. Washington, DC: CQ Press.
  • “Methodological Perspectives on Interest Groups.” 2010. In The Oxford Handbook of American Political Parties and Interest Groups, Ed.s L. Sandy Maisel and Jeffrey M. Berry. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • “Delegation and Discretion in Anticipation of Coalitional Drift.” 2009. With Brian Harward. American Politics Research 37:983-1002.
  • “Interests, Groups, and Information Aggregation.” 2009. With Ruoxi Li. In A Bridge Too Far?  Commonalities and Differences between China and the United States, Ed.s Robert Graftstein and Fan Wen. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
  • “Is Corporate Lobbying Rational or Just a Waste of Money?” 2006. With Kenneth Godwin and Erik Godwin.  Interest Group Politics, 7th Edition.  Edited by Allan J. Cigler and Burdett A. Loomis. Washington DC: CQ Press.
  • Analyzing Interest Groups: Group Influence on People and Policies. 2002. New York: W.W.Norton.
  • “Modeling Efficacy and Interest Group Membership.” 2000. Political Behavior 22:89-108.
  • “Representation and Institutionalization.” 1997. Journal of Theoretical Politics 9:147-65.
  • “The Informational Role of Caucuses in the U.S. Congress.” 1997. With Frances Akins. American Politics Quarterly 25:407-30.
  • “The Role of Legislators in the Determination of Interest Group Influence in Legislatures.” 1997. Legislative Studies Quarterly 22:517-534.
  • “National Grange Influence on the Supreme Court Confirmation of Stanley Matthews.”1996. With John Anthony Maltese. Social Science History 20:41-62.
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