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Dr. Lozano-Rojas research lies in the intersection between public finance and social policy. His research focuses on taxation and behavior and on revenue-generating social-policies that provide different levels of governments with fiscal independence to attain social goals. He studies both the intended and unintended consequences of such policies. Dr. Lozano-Rojas specific interests include sugar-sweetened beverages taxation, higher education financial aid, sales tax holidays and more recently public finance and policy responses to the opioid epidemic and to the COVID-19 epidemic. Dr. Lozano-Rojas earned his Ph.D. in Public Affairs from Indiana University, and his research has been portrayed by the Tax Foundation, the Wall Street Journal, and NPR. Previously, Dr. Lozano-Rojas served as a Consultant for the World Bank, in matters related to student financial aid, and was the Chief Planning Officer for ICETEX, the student loan agency in his home country, Colombia.


PhD | Indiana University Bloomington | 2020| Public Affairs

Areas of Expertise

Public Finance
Soda Taxes
Student Loans

Research Interests

Soda Taxes
Sin Taxes
Taxation and Behavior
Local Governments Finance
Sales Tax Holidays
Student Financial Aid