Assistant Professor of Public Administration and Policy

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Dr. Lozano-Rojas research lies in the intersection between public finance and health policy. Dr. Lozano-Rojas has worked in different areas, including local consumption taxation, Medicaid/Medicare and their relation to local governments’ budgets, sales tax holidays, effects of non-pharma interventions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and, more recently, substance policies. Dr. Lozano-Rojas earned his Ph.D. in Public Affairs from Indiana University, and the Tax Foundation, the Wall Street Journal, US World News, and NPR have portrayed his research. Previously, Dr. Lozano-Rojas served as a Consultant for the World Bank in matters related to student financial aid and was the Chief Planning Officer for ICETEX, the student loan agency in his home country, Colombia.


PhD, Indiana University Bloomington, Public Affairs, 2020

Areas of Expertise
  • Taxation
  • Public Finance
  • Soda Taxes
  • Opioids
  • Student Loans
Research Interests
  • Soda Taxes
  • Sin Taxes
  • Taxation and Behavior
  • Local Governments Finance
  • Sales Tax Holidays
  • Student Financial Aid