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  Keith L. Dougherty
  T.E.A.C.H.: Teach Effectively And Climb High

Active learning requires learning through doing, which is a nice compliment to lectures. Lectures help students learn specific skills and knowledge, but active learners get a first-hand look at the problem, they solve and think deeply about issues in order to perform the task, and they retain what they learn. This provides a nice setting for talking about the differences between rationality and human cognition in a game theory course. In a course on American politics, debates and simulations can help students engage the material and think carefully about the consequences of their reasoning.

Hopefully, some of these games, simulations, and other materials will inspire new variations.

*Grading with R Markdown creates a grade sheet for each student (in pdf) from grades and comments in an excel file. Thanks to Robi Ragan for writing most of the script.
Last Modified: 5/15/21