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  Keith L. Dougherty

Keith Dougherty specializes in the institutional design of American politics. Part of his research examines the implications of various institutions from formal theoretic and empirical perspectives. For example, he has studied the probability that various voting rules, assembly sizes, and quorum requirements adhere to a normative criterion, or sets of criteria, when individual preferences are unknown -- part of the field of social choice. Another part of his research examines why particular institutions are adopted. For example, he has studied the framers' motivation for adopting the U.S. Constitution and created the Constitutional Convention Research Group (CCRG) to recover delegate positions on all substantive votes at the Convention. The results of his research have been published by Cambridge University Press, the American Political Science Review, the American Journal of Political Science and the Journal of Politics, to name a few.

To strengthen the intellectual environment at the University of Georgia, Dougherty organized the American Founding Group (AFG) to discuss issues related to the American Founding. The AFG hosts Constitution Day and conferences like The American Constitution: a Conference on the 225th Anniversary of the Ratification.

Mailing Address
Department of Political Science
180 Baldwin Hall
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

Phone (706) 542-2057
Fax  (706) 542-4421
E-mail: dougherk@uga.edu

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