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  Keith L. Dougherty
  Fall, 2021

     Introduction to American Government (honors) (POLS 1105H).

     Spatial Voting Theory (POLS 8030).

Previous Semesters, Several at Other Universities (Syllabi Only)

   Undergraduate Courses

     Introduction to American Government (honors) (POLS 1105H).

     American Political Thought (POLS 4040).

     British and American Political Thought (POLS 4190).

     Contemporary Political Thought (POLS 4030).

     Federalism (POS 3064).

     Game Theory (POLS 4070).

     Legislative Process (POS 3424).

     Political Parties (POS 3443).

     Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior (POS 4233).

     Public Policy (PUP 4004).

     Social Choice and Elections (POLS 4071).

     Analyzing Welfare Policy (Student Honors Mentor Program).

   Graduate Courses

     Advanced Research Methods (POS 6918).

     Formal Political Modeling (POS 6725).

     Game Theory (POLS 8020).

     Introduction to Rational Choice (POLS 8000).

     Introduction to Research Methods (POS 5706).

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