Compared to traditional semester-long study abroad programs, these Maymester trips to China are short, usually three to four weeks. Groups try to pack as much as possible into the time there. They visit the obvious tourist attractions, like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, but they also explore the commerce and culture of the country.

China Maymester


Dear Future Maymester China Study Abroad Program Participant,

Thank you for your interest in our program. Since 2005 the China program has introduced students to this extraordinary, constantly changing, and vitally important country. I am gratified that the program has provided so many students with the opportunity to have this experience.

During the 2016-2017 academic year I am serving as the Interim Dean for the School of Public and International Affairs. I am honored by the trust that has been placed in me.
With this trust, however, come substantial responsibilities. After long and careful consideration, I have concluded that I cannot fulfill these responsibilities and engage in the planning and preparation needed to maintain the China program’s high quality, let alone devote three very busy and full weeks to the trip itself.

Therefore, with considerable reluctance I am suspending the Maymester China Program for the 2016-2017 academic year. I wish you an outstanding year both here and abroad.

Best wishes,

Robert Grafstein

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Bridging the divide

Helping with support materials and classroom activities is part of Virginia Newman’s job as an intern with the UGA Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s training program in Nanchang, China. Newman, an international affairs major, spent two weeks there in June, where she was able to practice her Chinese—she’s studied it for two and a half years at UGA—and interact with the students, who are government officials in Jiangxi Province.  For 15 years, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at UGA has provided government training to Chinese officials. The institute was one of the first to develop training programs for China after the country opened its doors in the 1980s. During the past decade, almost 900 Chinese government officials have attended UGA's Vinson Institute programs in a variety of locations including Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangxi Province and Qinghai Province, and have traveled to Georgia for training as well. Those connections have led to significant economic development opportunities for the state of Georgia and UGA study abroad.

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