Scott H. Ainsworth


The publications on this page are organized by topic. For a more traditional listing of my work, see my CV.

Lobbying and Interest Groups

Lobbying and Agency Rulemaking

  • Lobbying and Policymaking: The Public Pursuit of Private Interests. (With Ken Godwin and Erik Godwin). 2012. Washington DC: CQ Press.
  • "We Have Met the Lobbyists and They are Us: When Governments Lobby Governments." (With Kenneth Godwin and Erik Godwin). 2015. Interest Group Politics, 9th Edition. Edited by Allan J. Cigler, Burdett A. Loomis, and Anthony Nownes. Washington DC: CQ Press.
  • "Is Corporate Lobbying Rational or Just a Waste of Money?" (With Kenneth Godwin and Erik Godwin). 2006. Interest Group Politics, 7th Edition. Edited by Allan J. Cigler and Burdett A. Loomis. Washington DC: CQ Press.

Lobbying and American Political Development


Separation of Powers

Political Institutions