The Israel and Palestine Study Abroad program is a 4-week program with a thematic focus on Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding. The program takes students to the heart of one of the world’s most intractable conflicts, within a region steeped in immense religious significance to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It explores the ways in which religion informs and is informed by various other aspects of public and private life and how it can partake both in dynamics of conflict and violence, and in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. With an eye toward the role of religion, students will gain familiarity with the history, politics, economy, and cultures of Israel/Palestine, with the unique challenges individuals and communities experience in the region, with the causes and consequences of conflict, and with on the ground initiatives by civil society and non-governmental organizations, political actors, individuals, and the international community aimed at conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and social justice.

About Israel and Palestine

Israel and Palestine – together making up the Holy Land – are steeped in natural beauty, historical and religious significance and home to many diverse cultures and communities. From Jerusalem to Nazareth to Bethlehem, and to many other parts, this area is considered holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, a fact that has left its mark on architecture, cultures, food, music, rituals, and countless features that make this destination unique and fascinating. It has also been the heart of contention in different periods, from the Crusades, to Ottoman rule, British colonialism, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our program’s itinerary will allow us to deeply explore all these aspects of our destination, from the perspectives of Israelis and Palestinians living together in this complicated place.

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