Master of Public Administration (MPA)

After majoring in economics as an undergraduate, Yeojung Kim started to work at public company in Korea called K-water. This is the only water specialized company in Korea and she has worked there for 15 years. She has experience in different fields such as budget, financial management, local water-supply business management, and corporate strategy and planning. Her major achievements for the past 15 years of service include establishment of four-time mid- and long-term strategies of the company and planning and implementation of dozens of water service policies and projects. She is interested in policy analysis and public management because the studies in this field are connected to her job; the strategies of public company and its service for people are necessarily related to government’s policy.


Bachelors | Sogang Univ. | 2004 | Economics and Business Administration

I majored in Economics and Business Administration during my undergraduate years. I learned how to analyze and understand social phenomena as well as the fundamental concepts of business affairs needed to operate and manage administrative organizations. With a great interest in quantifying and digitizing activities and performance, I took courses such as Financial Management, Investment Theory, and Econometrics. In the meantime, I acquired AICPA to enhance my expertise in finance and accounting. I also obtained the Korea Certified Valuation Analyst certification six years ago and strengthened my competence in cost-benefit analysis and investment feasibility analysis.

More About

After earning my master’s degree, I plan to return to my company and take charge of planning and evaluating new water policies and services. By connecting the knowledge I will acquire from UGA’s MPA Program and putting it into actual practice, I believe I can contribute to the development of new policies that reflect the changing needs of people. My short-term goal is to discover and measure the benefits provided by water services, facilitate new policies and services, and implement them as growth engines of my company. Moreover, I will strive to enhance people’s trust and satisfaction with public services by improving the public service policy evaluation system in Korea. Ultimately, I aspire to become an executive officer of K-Water and present an ideal model of a public organization by developing K-Water into a sustainable and highly professional public corporation that provides the best public services.

Work Experience:
Established a response strategy for the government’s new water management policy (unification of government institutions for water management) and reviewed the restructuring plan.
Established the mid- and long-term (2019-2023) strategic management plans.
Planned a model for a national smart city project using cutting-edge water technologies and won the project.
Devised an implementation plan for integrated water resources management and proposed the policies to the government.
Discovered and planned new water-related projects.


Of Note

Establishing four-time mid- and long-term strategies of the company.
Planning and implementation of dozens of water service policies and projects.
Planning a model for a national smart city project using cutting-edge water technologies and won the project.
Selected as a recipient of the 2018-2019 overseas study program sponsored by K-Water(07/2018). -Only two trainees are selected among 5,000 members every year.
Won the Recognition Award for Outstanding Work Performance (three times – 2013, 2017, 2018).

Research Interests

Analysis of public value and performance evaluation of public service(especially water service). – I think the implementation of public policies in the future will be focused on how to faithfully reflect people’s diverse and changing needs. In light of this, I would like to perform in-depth study on policy analysis to acquire theories to develop good policies that fully reflect the needs of people and learn analytical methods to measure various public values as benefits.