Master of Public Administration (MPA)

During her time at Georgia Southern Tiffany was heavily involved in two main organizations. She was the Vice President of the Anthropological society which was a social club meant to help students interested in anthropology come together and participate in events related to the study. She helped to organize lectures, fundraisers(for the club and for different non profits), trips, and social events. She was also a member of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority where she spent much of her time planning events and raising money for the CFF foundation and the ANAD foundation. This is where she gained a passion for public service. She also had an internship at Union Mission in Savannah where she helped to organize and execute special events for the organization.


Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Georgia Southern University, Minor: political science

During my undergraduate degree I gained experience in qualitative research through my courses in anthropology. I also gained experience in curation and archeology through different volunteer and class experiences which include helping to open the new R.M. Bogen curation facility as well as participate in an archeology field school at camp Lawton. My degree also gave me the opportunity to work with the Willow Hill School in helping them Organize their collections in order to display their proud history as the oldest African American school (now non active as a school) in the area.

More About

Career goals:
My goals at the moment are broad. I have an interest in policy work. Local, state, and federal government work are of interest to me but I am keeping an open mind throughout my education here.

Work experience:
Internship union mission

Of Note

Lambda Alpha member

Research Interests

Comparative, international public policy