I was born in US but grow up in China, and graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University in Xi’an city, which is a developing city in China. At the second year of my undergraduate study, I finished an individual research which is about elderly residents’ cognition and demand of family doctor in the community, the policy background is that China is trying to establish community health care system to reducing the cost of medical care, family doctor will play a key role in providing fundamental health service in the system, especially focused on elderly people.By knowing the attitude and demand of residents in the community, can really promote the effectiveness of the policy. By designing the questionnaire, collecting data, communicating, and analyzing the data, I not only practiced my ability of quantitative analysis but also found the meaning of my major, which is enhancing the life quality and social welfare of all the community. After I realize this is what I am pursuing, I participated in various kinds of researches referred to responsiveness of E-government, work condition of public servants, management of high blood pressure and environmental protection. Hope I could have more abundant academic experience in SPIA.

Of Note

2017: First Award for Case Competition in School of Public policy and administration, Excellent Award for National Undergraduate Innovation Training Program, Excellent Student, Second Prize for Research on Social Practice, Third Prize for “Tengfei” Extracurricular Academic and Technologic Competition.

2016: Siyuan Scholarship, Award for Outstanding Social Work, One Asia Foundation Scholarship.

Research Interests

My research interest focusing on nonprofit organization, because nowadays NGO is an essential part of society especially when the government and market are both in an unfunctional status. I want to study the operating mechanism of NGO, including setting organizational goals, managing employees, raising funding, supporting vulnerable groups and serving for the whole community.