Master of International Policy (MIP)

I study policies and actions on international and domestic levels, and evaluate and assess potential ramifications of said actions. I specifically am interested in and closely follow the South China Sea, specifically with regards to China’s actions towards countries including, but not limited to, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and the Philippines on fronts that are, among others, on the cyber, economic, and military fronts.

More About

I am a homeschooler who took dual credit classes for much of my high school career. I attended school at St. Mary’s University, where I graduated early Cum Laude with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and a History Minor. During my time at St. Mary’s, I served in Student Government, as both a senator and the chairman of multiple committees. I also was an editor and writer for the St. Mary’s History Media project, and wrote several articles that were nominated for a variety of best overall article awards and best in category awards, and seven times achieved the distinction of Outstanding Publication. I am also an Eagle Scout, which I achieved in 2017, and interned in the Washington, D.C office of Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina in 2019.

Research Interests

Asia, Far East, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, cyber, economic, military force, war, Philippines, Nine-Dash line