Stephanie Flores

Applied Politics

Stephanie Flores is a fourth-year undergraduate student on the Applied Politics certificate track at UGA. As a triple major in International Affairs, Political Science, and Women Studies, she was ecstatic upon her acceptance into this program, and at the prospect of applying her interests and knowledge to the course, while also meeting professionals within the field. While her interests and extra-curricular activities are centered around social justice, she looks forward to a career in politics and believes that a necessary overlap must exist between the two. As she nears the end of her undergraduate studies, she has begun to make plans for continued education and a continued life of service. Currently, her plans for the future include joining the Peace Corps and receiving financial assistance as a Peace Corp Alumni for graduate school programs in areas of Foreign Services and Human Development, programs of Law, or Diplomacy. She looks forward to practicing as a lawyer, and eventually to a long career in public service.