Curriculum Vitae

Master of International Policy (MIP)

Sam is a Double Dawg student pursuing her Master of International Policy (MIP) with an emphasis on nonproliferation. Her research focuses include US military decision-making and intrastate terrorist interactions.


B.A., International Affairs, UGA, 2021

Master of International Policy, UGA (in process)

More About

Sam is a second-year MIP student at UGA. She is primarily interested in conflict studies and nonproliferation. In her time as a UGA Double Dawg, she has received university funding for research studying domain-dependent differences in US military decision-making. The larger research project that she conducts with Dr. Jeffery Berejikian is advising the Pentagon on US deterrence policy. Most recently, she has been employed as a research assistant to Dr. Justin Conrad on a project studying the impact of intrastate terrorist interactions on government suppression. She is also a member of UGA’s Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Program.

Sam is passionate about traveling and community service. She has studied abroad in Tanzania, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and interned in Shanghai, China. In February, she was nominated and selected as one of 550 international delegates to attend the United Nations and Humanitarian Affairs Asia 2020 Peace Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. She now serves as a Peace Ambassador. At UGA, she is president of Athens Prison Tutorial, which helps incarcerated individuals earn their GEDs, and also serves as a mentor to elementary school children through the Clarke County Mentor Program.

Ultimately, Sam aspires to use her research insights in order to promote more effective deterrence policy and prevent future international conflicts. She plans to work for the US government in the intelligence community.

Honors, Awards, and Achievements
  • UGA Bernard Ramsey Honors Scholar
  • Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Fellow
  • United Nations and Humanitarian Affairs Asia Peace Ambassador
Research Interests

Deterrence, Terrorism, Violent Conflict, Military Decision-Making, Cognitive Science