Curriculum Vitae

Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science & International Affairs

Ross Schumacher is a Master’s student in the Department of Political Science in the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia.


University of Arizona, 2014- 2015
Georgia Southern University, 2015- 2016
University of Georgia, 2016- 2018
A.B. in History, Minor in Political Science

More About

Coming from a military family, Ross Schumacher moved several times before his family settled in Georgia. After high school, he went back to one of his hometowns to go to the University of Arizona in Tucson to pursue a bachelor’s in history. Moving back after his freshman year, he continued that degree at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro and completed it at the University of Georgia, focusing on American History. This is also where he minored in Political Science and became a National Member of Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Society. Finding the overlap in his classes interesting, he wrote his Senior Thesis on the political and popular culture of the 1980s, focusing on the popular influence of President Ronald Reagan.

Research Interests

American politics and their societal influence.