Rachel Carlson

Master of International Policy (MIP)

Rachel is a graduate student who is originally from California, although she has lived all over the United States. She is studying International Policy with a concentration in social policies and regulations around the world.

  • BA, University of Alabama, International Studies and History
More About

Rachel is originally from the Bay Area, California, which shaped her thinking when it came to globalization and the technology boom. She studied at The University of Alabama for undergrad, with a focus on international relations in addition to environmental history. One of the proudest moments of her years at Alabama was when her paper regarding an American business was published online after being chosen from a pool of essays.

Following studying abroad in the Czech Republic, where her mother grew up, Rachel became interested in International Relations and studied different types of government structures. Most recently, Rachel has been working as a legislative aide for a Colorado State Representative, which was an incredible view into how state politics work. After working for this member and on her campaign, she decided to branch out and further her education by going to Graduate School.

Research Interests

Rachel is interested in social aspects, policies, and societal norms within different communities all over the world. She enjoys researching relationships between people and governments, and especially is interested in how states are becoming involved in environmental conditions around the world.