Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Rachael started her undergraduate career at Kennesaw State University in the Honors Program. After two years in the International Affairs major and Film Studies minor, Rachael transferred to the University of Georgia, where she advanced her International Affairs major and switched to minors in Women’s Studies and Public Policy and Administration. At the University of Georgia, Rachael was a writer at the Georgia Political Review and a Student Scholar with the Office of Public Service and Outreach. There, she interned with the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, creating a pilot study on the presence of women in local elected government in Georgia. Rachael graduated summa cum laude from the University of Georgia, with Honors. After graduation, Rachael worked as a legal assistant for a law firm in Savannah, Georgia for a time. After, Rachael accepted a term of service with AmeriCorps at the University of Georgia Extension 4-H as an AmeriCorps Program Assistant in Savannah, Georgia. As a graduate student, Rachael will pursue a Masters in Public Administration, with a concentration in Nonprofit Administration and Public Policy. She will also serve as a Graduate Assistant with the School of Public and International Affairs’ Office of External Affairs.

More About

Rachael hopes to work with nonprofit organizations to improve coordination, capacity, and sustainability at the local and international level. She is particularly interested in social service organizations.


Work Experience:

Public Service and Outreach Student Scholar, Carl Vinson Institute of Government Legal Assistant AmeriCorps Program Assistant

Of Note

Rachael was a member of the Honors Program at both Kennesaw State University and the University of Georgia, where she graduated summa cum laude.

Research Interests

Coordination among international nongovernmental organizations and local nonprofit organizations; intersectional policymaking; capacity building and sustainability among local organizations