Philippa Hawker

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Philippa was born and raised in Irvine, California, and moved to rural Virginia to complete her undergraduate education. Philippa attended Southern Virginia University for her BA in Political Science. Philippa authored a key letter from the student body to the university President urging the university to adopt a fair and genderless dress code, which was implemented in 2014. She was also a proud founding member of the off-campus LGBTQ+ support and discussion group, SVU LGBTQIA and Allies. Philippa was humbled to be interviewed by author Jeff Benedict about her experience in the club, navigating the unique challenges religious LGBTQ+ people face every day from these two very different communities.


Philippa’s enduring interest in elections and voting rights inspired her to hone and develop a mobile app blueprint-wireframe, “Electify” throughout her time in Virginia, and after graduation. Electify merges the internet’s data availability, real-time updates and GPS location services of social media, and the gamification theory of non-game tasks to bring real time convenience to every election in the United States. Philippa received seed grant funding from the People for the American Way foundation to continue developing Electify for the 2018 mid-term elections. She also completed the Young People For (YP4) Fellowship with the same organization, and was asked to present her work on gerrymandering, statistics, and GIS at YP4’s 2018 National conference. She was also the data collection leader in YP4’s 2018 Courts Matter Campaign.


Before moving to Athens for a Master’s in Public Administration, Philippa had the chance to experience the world of rural and local politics first hand at the local water authority in Macon, GA. During her tenure at the Macon Water Authority, Philippa re-mapped the 56,000 water meters to allow for smoother billing loads. She was a key implementation member of a customer information system software upgrade, and the department’s in-house graphics designer. Philippa was the designated subject matter expert for integration between the Authority’s work management software and customer information software and worked closely to develop the integration map and user experience for 20% of the Authority’s day to day field workload.


Bachelor of Arts | Southern Virginia University | 2016 | Political Science

Of Note

Young People For (YP4) Building a Better Now, Class of 2017 Fellow

YP4 National Summit Featured Fellow and Workshop Facilitator

2018 YP4 Courts that Matter Campaign, data collection and analysis campaign lead

French Language Certificate, BYU

Research Interests

I am interested in research that finds and meets new challenges to the generational shift that will soon occur in local government/public sector employment. In public utility, the best and most resilient methods of bill assistance for indigent customers.