Master of International Policy (MIP)

I am a professional and personal advocate for transformative policy changes that center on resource equity and sustainability. My research interests are focused on the intertwined global issues of sustainable democracy, human security, and climate change, and their evolution under the pressures of late stage capitalism.


BSc. Biology (Hons.), Dip. Nutritional Therapy

More About

Nnenne Onyioha-Clayton is the Program Manager of APRIES – Senegal.  A full-time staff member, she is responsible for the project’s daily operations.  Nnenne’s background is in nutritional therapy, in which she gained her professional credentials at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London.  She also holds professional certifications in holistic nutrition and medical massage. Nnenne is an active community advocate: she has served on the board of two social justice nonprofit organizations in Athens, Georgia in an officer capacity and is a founder and steering committee member of 100% Athens Renewable Energy Initiative, a group committed to ensuring a just transition to a clean energy economy that centers and prioritizes the needs of historically marginalized and under-served communities.  Nnenne is a graduate of the Class of 2020 at the Partnership for Southern Equity’s Just Energy Academy, designed to empower graduates with the tools to effectively engage their communities on issues of race and equity in the arena of renewable energy.  Nnenne’s role in 100% Athens as a racial and resource equity advocate is to facilitate the implementation of local projects that realize the equitable distribution of burdens and benefits of the clean energy economy to come.

Research Interests

Human rights, human security, international development, international diplomacy, energy policy, resource equity