Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Nicholas Ordieres was born and raised in Miami, FL. While in high school he found a love for policy in his high school Model United Nations team and won awards at high school circuit Model UN competitions. He also took AP and Dual enrollment classes so that he could make the most of his time after he graduated. He later graduated Magna Cum Lade from Belen. In 2016, Nicholas went on to study a double major in political science and business management at Florida State University. While there he continued participating in Model UN at FSU’s World Affairs Program. He also participated in the Askew Student Life Center’s Film and Game Committees that helped to set up the film and gaming events on campus. He also helped organize a week long event commemorating the World War 1 Centennial at FSU, marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War. He would later intern at the district office of US Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, FL State Representative Kristin Jacobs, and FL State Senator Gary Farmer. By the time he reached the end of his 4 years at FSU he was able to get an OPS (Other Personnel Services) position working at the Florida Senate in Sen. Farmer’s office. By the time Nicholas completed he would graduate with a certificate in Intelligence, a certificate in Global Citizenship, honors, and Magna Cum Lade. He would also be a Garnet and Gold Scholar for his work in the fields of Research, Internship, and International. He is now pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration at the University of Georgia in Athens.


Bachelor’s in Science, Florida State University, 2020, Political Science and Business Management

While at FSU, Nicholas took courses Political Science related courses in Public Policy, US Intelligence Policy and Analysis, Statecraft, Political Philosophy, Nonprofit Management, US Government, and Social Entrepreneurship. He also took Business courses in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Economics, Business Policy & Strategy, Multinational Business Operations, and Labor & Industrial Relations. While pursuing his Global Citizenship Certificate he learned about having a global perspective on different cultures, went to events to be exposed him to different cultures, and discussed with international students at said events. At his internships, Nicholas learned about the role legislative offices play in being the government’s representatives to their districts, the case work done at said legislative offices, and a perspective on the frequency of public participation in contacting their representatives and senators. He had also gained a better understanding of the Florida government and its legislature.

More About

Specialization: Policy Analysis and Nonprofit Management

Career Goals:
Nicholas aims to one day be a policy analyst at a government agency, and later use that experience to help legislators craft better policies.

Relevant Work Experience:
Intern at the District Office of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Intern at the Tallahassee Capitol Office of Rep. Jacobs Intern at the Tallahassee Capitol Office of Sen. Farmer OPS at the Florida Senate

Of Note

Garnet and Gold Scholars Society

Magna Cum Lade from FSU

Phi Kappa Phi

Phi Eta Sigma

Pi Sigma Alpha

Research Interests

How organizations rally and incentivize individuals to change the world around them in pursuit of their missions and goals. How policy analysis can help in crafting better policies and creating a more efficient and accountable government.