Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science & International Affairs

Minjin Choi is a first-year PhD student in Political Science and International Affairs at the University of Georgia. She studies international affairs and comparative politics with particular interests in economic globalization and intra-country inequalities.

  • MA, Kyung Hee University (Seoul, Korea) 2019, Political Science
  • BA, Kyung Hee University (Seoul, Korea) 2017, Political Science and International Relations
More About

Minjin Choi wants to address how domestic politics responds to economic globalization including trade deals in such polarized times. Her research interests are twofold: understanding how domestic politics affects the conclusion of international agreements such as Free Trade Agreements and whether domestic losers from economic agreements develop negative attitudes toward the agreements and even globalization in general.

It is particularly meaningful for Minjin to study the domestic losers from economic globalization or integration, being from Korea, the world’s only divided nation. She wants to prepare for the possible losers and their impacts on the political process that could arise on both sides of the Korean Peninsula during the reunification process.

Back in Korea, Minjin received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from Kyung Hee University in Seoul. During her MA program, she published three papers on the US Congress and foreign policy. She was a research assistant on several Korean government-funded projects, writing policy papers for the National Intelligence Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Outside of the classroom, Minjin loves eating nice and healthy foods with her friends, reading books, watching TV series, and appreciating musicals or plays in theaters. She also named herself a “Traveler”, as she enjoys having new experiences in unfamiliar places.

Research Interests

Political Economy, Economic Globalization, Trade Policy, and Inequality