Curriculum Vitae

Master of International Policy (MIP)

Laredo is a student within the Masters of International Policy program working as a graduate research assistant with the Center for International Trade and Security. Strongly interested in national security and energy policy, he plans to pursue a career in international research or consultancy.


B.A., Texas Christian University, Political Science, Psychology (Minors in International Relations, Spanish)

More About

Laredo graduated from Texas Christian University with a double-major in Political Science and Psychology and minors in International Relations and Spanish. With an inclination towards campus involvement, he co-founded a student media platform, co-founded a student chapter of Toastmasters International, and was selected to student government all four years. While in student government, he co-chaired the university’s first campus initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in addition to serving on the student government executive board. In addition, he worked in the university’s social psychology laboratory, researching and presenting findings on social cues and immunocompetence, before moving to a research role within a department’s cognitive psychology lab post-graduation. While a student, he also interned at the City of Fort Worth mayor’s office before being hired as the full-time Staff Aide in the fall of 2019, assisting in policy development, speech writing, event planning, and other tasks for the 12th largest city in the U.S. His tenure with the mayor’s office included numerous research opportunities for the city, such as implementation of EVTOL vehicles and the NAFTA renegotiations’ effect on the Dallas-Fort Worth area, to streamlining and serving as chief of staff to the city’s internship program, all while maintaining cohesion and communication among the mayor’s staff as a whole.

In addition to research and service, Laredo received a Certificate of Excellence in Intensive Courses in Culture, Language, and History from the University of Granada in Spain. Study of language and psychology was his first inspiration for studying international relations and human coexistence, but exposure to the city of Granada’s centuries-old concept of coexistence put this into practice. Upon graduation from the University of Georgia’s Master of International Policy program, Laredo plans to work in international or government consultancy before pursuing a diplomacy or ambassador role.

Of Note
Research Interests

Laredo’s research interests align mostly with national security and energy policy, particularly in the Eurozone and Latin America.