Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Administration

KT Truszczynski is a PhD student focusing in organization theory. They are interested in asking how to structure policy incentives for politicians, bureaucrats, and citizens resulting in a more equitable and just society. Outside of their personal research, KT has worked on the Athens Well-Being Project led by Grace Bagwell-Adams, working with mainly with the city’s homeless population. However, KT’s true passion has been teaching. They have TA-ed American Government (POLS 1101) for the past three semesters. Additionally, they worked as a children’s education assistant at the University of Georgia’s Botanical Gardens. KT has also been involved with numerous panels on LGB/TNB health, well-being, and policy. When KT isn’t working on classwork, teaching, or researching, you can find them on Ultimate Frisbee field with the all inclusive team they started, Umbrella.


Psychology B.A.with honors University of Kentucky 2014
Spanish B.A. University of Kentucky 2014
M.P.A. University of Georgia 2018

I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina for two months during my undergraduate career. While I was there, I was in an immersive Spanish language program.

More About

Specialization: Organizational Theory

Career Goals:
One day I will be a teacher. Five years from now, I expect to be in front of a classroom of either high school or undergraduate students teaching American government, organizational theory, and psychology’s influence on public administration. Twenty years from now, I will be in an administrative role helping craft curriculum for students learning about American government in high school.

Relevant Work Experience:
Teaching Assistant, University of Georgia

Of Note

Graduated Cum Laude from the University of Kentucky

Research Interests

Organizational structures and policies that encourage equity as a natural outcome Policy incentive structures that alter behavior of the target population or enforcement entities