Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Kelsie Kruskol is a third semester MPA Candidate whose interests are centered around Public Budgeting and Finance. She has worked with several local governments and is comfortable drafting budget policies, creating budgets for special projects, and assembling Popular Annual Financial Reports.


Bachelor of Arts | University of Georgia | Expected Spring 2021 | Political Science

Relevant coursework includes Public Financial Administration, Public Management, and Doctoral Seminar in Public Budgeting.

More About

Career Goals:
Kelsie’s career goals include working in the Finance Department for a local government.

Relevant Work Experience:
City of Flowery Branch, City of Sycamore, State Representative Jeff Keicher

Of Note

University of Georgia Presidential Leadership Scholar, Illinois State Scholar

Research Interests

Public Budgeting and Finance, increasing transparency and responsiveness between administration and constituents.