Master of International Policy (MIP)

I graduated from Princeton University with a B.A. in Public and International Affairs as well as a certificate in Environmental studies, which reflects my main passions. Now, while pursuing a Master’s in International Policy at the University of Georgia, I look forward to furthering my knowledge of environmental issues by focusing on energy security.


B.A., Princeton University, Public and International Affairs (Certificate in Environmental Studies), 2021

More About

I am an Athens native excited to be returning home to pursue a Master’s in International Policy at the University of Georgia. I recently graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a B.A. in Public and International Affairs and a certificate in Environmental Studies. I hope that my undergraduate studies in combination with my education at UGA will prepare me for a career in environmental policy.

During my time at Princeton, I sought to incorporate sustainability not only into my studies but into campus life as well. I worked for the Office of Sustainability as an Ecology Representative. In this role, I had the opportunity to educate students about sustainability issues on campus as well as work with university faculty and staff to create long-lasting systemic changes. I was also the co-president of a student group, Greening Dining which serves as a liaison between students and Campus Dining to promote sustainability within the University’s dining services. My involvement with campus life at Princeton provided invaluable experience working with various institutions to further the University’s sustainability goals.

Beyond Princeton’s campus, I was able to intern for the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) in Washington D.C. I worked with the Behavior and Human Dimensions of Energy Use team which fostered an interest in behavior science. This research-heavy internship not only gave me a glimpse into the non-profit sector, but also prepared me for my independent work at Princeton. Early in my research, I focused on food insecurity and food welfare programs in the U.S. I later delved into the psychology of polarization, particularly how social media affects biased assimilation and attitude polarization. My senior thesis expounded upon this area of research by exploring this topic in the context of climate change and livestock production.

My interests in International Policy, which led me to the MIP program at UGA, stem from my love for Eastern European culture and languages. I have spent a great deal of time from a young age in the Czech Republic learning the Czech language, as my mom is from there and the rest of my family still lives in the Czech Republic. At Princeton, I built upon those experiences by taking Czech classes to improve my grammar and ability to read and write. I also ventured into Russian language classes which led to spending a summer in St. Petersburg, Russia studying the Russian language and culture.

Aside from my academic and career interests, I love the sport of track and field which I was inspired to do by parents, who are former collegiate track and field athletes. I was a member of the varsity track and field team at Princeton and will continue my passion for the sport at UGA. In my spare time, I enjoy painting, drawing, and spending time outdoors with my friends and family.

Research Interests
  • Environmental Studies
  • Energy
  • Sustainable Cities/Development
  • Food and Agricultural Policy
  • Behavior Science/Decision-Making
  • Slavic Language and culture