Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Joshua Duarte was raised in a single-parent, low income-immigrant household. His character and way of thinking has been highly influenced by the obstacles put in the way of his immigrant family. He is a dedicated and passionate individual who enjoys lending a helping hand to those that are in underrepresented communities. Being from an underrepresented population, Joshua developed a passion for public service and driving attention to pressing issue in his surrounding communities. Joshua was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended North Atlanta High School and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Sociology from the University of Georgia. While at UGA, Joshua served in several capacities ranging from being a UGA-Police Department Intern, University Housing Residential Assistant, to president of his fraternity. Joshua has a proven record of academic and work success that proves him worthy of being able to produce exceptional results when grounded in the business.


Bachelor of Arts | UGA | 2021| Criminal Justice Bachelor of Arts | UGA | 2021| Sociology

More About

Educational Experiences:

Joshua graduated from North Atlanta High School in Atlanta, Georgia in 2017. He then committed to the University of Georgia to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Sociology.

Career Goals:

Joshua hopes to use his education from the University of Georgia to fix law enforcement training methods, resource availability for employees, and citizen-police relationships in the United States. His career goals are to become a Special Agent for a federal agency tasked with helping to diminish drug and human trafficking around the world.

Relevant Work Experience:

UGA Police Dept Intern
University Housing Residential Assistant

Honors, Awards, and Achievements

HOPE Scholarship Recipient
Achieve Atlanta Scholarship Recipient
Bill Mannes Good Samaritan Scholarship Recipient
The Suzanne W. Schriber LaAmistad Scholarship Recipient
Shirley Miller Scholarship Recipient
Forbes Under 30 Scholar