Curriculum Vitae

Master of International Policy (MIP)

Jon Christian is a native Georgian who has spent most of his professional career living in Korea.


BA Music Education from the University of West Georgia

More About

Being the son of educators meant that education was always especially important to the Christian household. Jon Christian, like his parents, studied education and graduated cum lade. After graduation he moved to Korea to be a nativeĀ  English teacher where he spent six years in private and public schools teaching elementary school students as well as public school teachers. There is no mountain that he will not try to climb.

Of Note

I was a native English teacher in Korea for six years.

Research Interests

As the United States pulls out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran Nuclear Deal) while also pursuing a new nuclear deal with North Korea, it has become vital for students of foreign policy to understand the goals of current and potentially new nuclear armed nations. Relationships between nuclear and non-nuclear powers must be understood to promote peace in the world. Nuclear trade between ratifiers and nonsignatory nations of the Non-proliferation Treaty must be studied to create an environment where all nations feel secure without nuclear arsenals.