Master of International Policy (MIP)

Jessie is a recent graduate from Flagler College, where she earned a BA in History. During her time at Flagler, she had the opportunity to specialize in the history of human and civil rights, specifically focused on Sub-Saharan Africa. As she continues her studies, her interests lie in human security and sustainable development within Sub-Saharan countries.


B.A., Flagler College, History (2020)

More About

My educational journey has been a long process of both intellectual growth and personal turmoil. I have learned that an individual is not defined by their family or history, but rather through the good they put forth through their own knowledge and personal experience. Human and civil rights has always been a passion, but it was not until becoming a history major at Flagler College, that I learned how to turn my desire into a future through analysis, critical thinking, and practical application. Through my studies, I have learned about how the world works outside of my initial limited perspective. By attending the Masters of International Policy, I am fulfilling my life’s ambition of helping others.

My experiences outside of the classroom have similarly prepared me for the International Policy program at the University of Georgia. It was through an independent study, alongside one of Flagler College’s most esteemed law professors, that I acquired an ability to research and write outside of the confinement of the traditional classroom. The independent study allowed the opportunity to combine my passion for civil and human rights with a similar excitement for law, in an extensive six month research project and presentation. In parallel to independent studies, I gained a greater international perspective through a faculty led study abroad program that specifically focused on the effects of World War II on European societies and security.

Soon after returning home from Europe, I applied for a four month long human rights internship in Cape Town, South Africa. This internship allowed the opportunity to experience a completely different culture and work first hand with amazing refugees. I worked every day with refugees from all over Africa through the employment access program at Scalabrini Centre. The experience of listening to the tragedies these people had endured and still faced was eye opening and allowed me to continue to specify in what I wanted my future to entail.

During an internship with Great Dane Trailers in Savannah, Georgia, I was tasked with compiling the history of the company that was then published in the Georgia History Archives. I also had the pleasure as serving as vice president for Phi Alpha Theta, the National Historical Society. As a junior at Flagler College, I was published in Flagler’s History Archives for my oral-history project call When the Towers Fell that focused on the each interviewee’s (leader of the Jacksonville Muslim community, an Army Ranger, and a Flagler professor from NYC) personal experience following 9/11.

Currently I am working as a civilian intelligence specialist with two special operations groups in Fort Benning. During my time at Fort Benning, I present intelligence briefing’s for training purposes regarding the operation environment of countries like South Sudan and Nigeria.

Research Interests
  • Human rights
  • Human security
  • Sustainable population development
  • Refugee crisis
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Sustainable economic development
  • Ethnic violence
  • Terrorist organizations