Jason Moon

Hi everyone! I’m Jason Matthew Moon. Well honestly approximately nine yrs. I worked with the Honorable U.S. Senator Max Cleland serving now as U.S. Secretary of the ABMC within the White House. As I served on the campaign trail in all 50 states, & 71 campaigns administratively, my experiences were second to none. While also working for other leading U.S. Senators, and U.S. Governors on a per-diem basis, the rewards were extraordinary! It was my honor being part of a national political team regarding advance work, scheduling, national and international logistics, along with televised productions such as HBO and CNN.

Being a political aide-de-camp was a wonderful way to integrate my corporate sales experience within the political world. Working and serving on the federal, state, and local ladders of authority was truly my honor! Personally, I was fortunate to politically establish two government resolutions, (# R-2006-14) and (# R-2008-3-12) supporting 100,000 citizens. One of the policies I spearheaded was the Modernization Policy: “Establishment of Sidewalks Policy, Curbing, and Drainage” ratified with the Board of Commissioners and Tax Commissioner. Whereas people who live in conventional regions may now have their neighborhoods developed with new sidewalks modernized via this new policy. The adjacent policy mentioned regards new Street Light District Petition(s) that generated 50 new street lights, four new telephone poles, and new primary & secondary lines. At the summit of my experience, I decided to create a food program in Atlanta, GA that fed approximately 100,000 people as I networked with S & S Cafeteria’s corporate and regional leadership. Ultimately my communication efforts prevailed with the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Richard Oden, professionally resulting in building the very first wheel chair ramp and automation doors at the main entrance of the Commissioner’s Office in Rockdale County so that the entrance(s) may be inclusive of all the people. Previously, disabled people were forced to enter through the back door to access the commissioners board room to have discussions.

My passion(s) regard working with our nation’s political heroes behind the scenes. Campaigning, serving Atlanta political offices, establishing county resolutions, establishing county policies, establishing county petitions, coordinating government meetings, building government signs, and supporting the military benefit, and social security benefit requests of the armed forces members and police officers. I’m honored to have served with this nation’s best and every moment and state was a highlight! It was my honor and privilege to meet two Presidents of the United States and have dinner with 100 U.S. Senators, two Governors, and a litany of magnificent congressmen in United States.


UGA MPA – Program Athens – Second Year.

B.A., Georgia Southern University, 2012, Political Science & Justice Studies

M.P.A., Georgia Southern University, 2014, Masters Candidate, Walked Commencement

Masters Certificate, Georgia Southern University, 2013, Public & Nonprofit Management

Of Note


  • Georgia Southern University – Academic Leadership Award