Master of Public Administration (MPA)

J.Thomas is a third-generation Bulldog from Thomaston, Georgia. He majored in journalism, and received his Bachelor’s degree from UGA’s Grady College in 2019. J.Thomas has been a journalist for eight years, covering local sports and events, elections, culture, food, criminal justice, and more. He served on the editorial board of The Arch Conservative, a student-run political magazine, for three years. His reporting drifted increasingly into the realm of public policy near the end of his undergraduate education, culminating in work with the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. At the eleventh hour, J.Thomas decided to pursue his master’s degree, continuing his education at UGA. In his free time, J.Thomas enjoys golf, tennis, tailgating, and reminiscing about his high school football glory days as an All-Region wedge-buster.


A.B.J. Journalism, Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Georgia, Class of 2019

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Specialization: Public Policy