Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Kauppinen’s first career took place in Finnish academia where he worked as a Senior Lecturer in Sociology before immigrating to Athens, GA in 2017. His doctoral dissertation studied the globalizing patent system as a structural feature of global capitalism. His main research interests have been higher education, globalization, global capitalism, social theory and social mechanism-based explanations. His research has been published, for example, in following peer reviewed journals: Critical Sociology, Journal of the Theory of Social Behavior, Policy Futures in Education, Higher Education Policy, and International Sociology. His latest publication is a co-authored article (with Dr. Keijo Räsänen) “Moody Habitus. Bourdieu with Existential Feelings” (in Journal of the Theory of Social Behavior). In summer 2020 acted as an Adjuct Professor and designed online lectures for the University of Jyväskylääs Open University. These lectures were focused in Social Theory, Economic Sociology and Racial Capitalism. Kauppinen is looking forward to integrate his existing skills as a sociologist with more practical skills provided by the MPA program as a way to enrich and broaden his capabilities to work in the fields of the U.S. public administration and public policy.

Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology, University of Jyväskylä (Finland), 2008, Sociology
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Specialization: Generalist

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A holder of a title of Docent which in Finland is considered academic evidence a person is qualified for appointment at the level of Associate or Full professor.
Research Interests
Higher Education, Globalization, Global Capitalism, Social Mechanism-based Explanations, Social Theory, Public Policy, Public Administration