Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Harley Obsitnik is a student at the University of Georgia. As a part of the university’s DoubleDawg program, Harley is completing her bachelor’s in Criminal Justice while working toward her Master’s of Public Administration. Her interests lie predominately in economic crimes, official corruption, and violent crime as well as the disproportionate disparities of the criminal justice system, specifically in the conviction rates throughout the socioeconomic ladder. After graduation, Harley hopes to go to law school and become a criminal litigator.


Bachelor’s Degree | University of Georgia / Franklin College of Arts and Sciences | Criminal Justice

Harley graduated from McIntosh High School in Spring of 2016 and started her undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia the following fall. She was accepted into the DoubleDawg Program and began taking classes in the Masters of Public Administration (MPA) Program during the 2018 Fall Semester. Harley became a full MPA student this past Spring and plans to graduate in the Spring of 2020.

More About

Upon graduation, Harley plans to apply to law school. Her short-term goals are to spend some time working with public defenders and later join a criminal defense law firm to further advance her knowledge and skills in the private sectors. Ideally, Harley’s long term career goal is becoming a successful private criminal defense attorney and running her own firm. Harley wants to be apart of reform in the criminal justice system.


Work Experience:

Harley was privileged with the opportunity to experience a variety of court procedures through an internship. During the Summer of 2018, she interned at the office of District Attorney Ben Coker of the Griffin Judicial Circuit in Fayette County, GA and was able to gain first-hand experience of court proceedings, the preparation of cases, and the Trackr and Icon databases. Her attention to detail coupled with her strong work ethic helped her e successfully and efficiently handle tasks including opening and closing cases, preparing discoveries, and preparing cases for trial. The internship with the Fayette District Attorney’s Office gave her valuable insight into the legal aid of the public sector. This past summer, Summer of 2019, Harley worked for the Clerk of Superior Court of Fayette County. Working in her office, she came across a variety of case proceeding which enhanced her familiarity with legal terms and expanded my knowledge of the courtroom process. Additionally, Harley saw how patients and integrity are necessary attributes in public administration.

Of Note

Criminal Justice Society, 2017
Skills: Trackr Database Knowledge, GCIC Knowledge, Bilingual (Spanish & English)

Research Interests

Effects of Incarceration; Incarceration and Recidivism; Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System