Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science & International Affairs

Grace Pittman is a third-year graduate student (PhD) of the Political Science and International Affairs program at the University of Georgia. Her research interests include topics pertaining to Congress and US foreign policy.


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Georgia Southern University, Spring 2019

More About

Grace Pittman was born and raised in Vidalia, GA, the sweet onion capital of the world. She began her college career at East Georgia State College as a Correll Scholar. However, she ultimately transferred to Georgia Southern University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

During her time at Georgia Southern, she participated in the University Honors Program, national honor societies, the Student Marketing Advisory Board, and the Political Science Club. She was also actively engaged in multiple volunteer opportunities at Georgia Southern and East Georgia State College.

While Grace has always been intrigued by American politics, she can attribute her decision to further her studies at the University of Georgia to her senior honors thesis on Congress and ambiguity. She quickly discovered that she enjoyed the experiences associated with writing, researching, and developing an argument.

When she is away from the classroom, she enjoys watching the news (especially political debates among reporters), reading books within the thriller/suspense genre, painting/drawing, making extensive to-do lists, and catching up with friends.

Research Interests

Though Grace could easily relish the idea of being an expert in all subfields of political science, she remains dedicated to the subfield of American politics. Her research passions are an extension of her undergraduate research and her appreciation of debate and the lawmaking process within Congress. She is predominantly interested in researching congressional behavior on the campaign trail and Capitol Hill. Additionally, she is keen on studying the evolution and impact of U.S. foreign policy.