Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Grace is a recent undergraduate who is dedicated to service and is pursuing her MPA to gain more knowledge, insight, and experience in the public sector and non-profit work more specifically. A recent graduate of Denison University, where she earned her degree in Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics, Grace has served in several different roles throughout her life that have driven her to seek a career in public service. During her time in college, she worked on the Hillary Clinton Ohio Together campaign as a campus fellow, and served as the secretary and eventually president of the democratic organization on campus. In her Junior year, she traveled abroad and studied in London while also interning for Rosa, a UK based women and girls grant giving body. While with Rosa, she discovered her passion for helping underserved women and children in all communities, and she learned much more about how the non-profit sector is managed and maintained. Throughout the entirety of college, Grace served each summer as a member of Summer Staff at Camp Mikell Episcopal Camp, which garnered her other passion and love for working with youth, which she is currently continuing as the full time Director of Youth Ministries at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Roswell.


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics from Denison University, Class of 2020

Educational Experiences

During college, I was able to chose my major, Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) which is not very common throughout the college system right now. It offered me an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and understanding these three fields, which lends well to understanding how the government and public sector function. I took courses on foreign policy formulation, understanding democratic and non-democratic governments, theories of justice and different ideologies, and different economic theories, principles, and practices. I also focused on feminist philosophy and theory and, using my experience abroad as well, I wrote my capstone senior research project on the consideration of women’s issues in the United Nations, how they came to be, and how they are handled by the organization as a whole and the specific countries represented.

More About

Career Goals

I hope to be able to work in a non-profit environment for an organization that focuses on helping women and children either locally, nationally, or abroad. Women are an essential piece to solving so many problems faced by nations throughout the entire world, and investing in them and children who will grow into the next generations leaders is critical. I would like to serve as an outreach director or work in the financial office of an organization one day. I am incredibly organized, outgoing, knowledgeable about issues, and would be a great addition to any non-profit team.

Relevant Work Experience

Interning with Rosa, working on campaigns, helping the Licking County BOA while in Ohio


Research Interests

Issues regarding women and children and refuge work in the United States and abroad