Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Erin Twomey is a Master of Public Administration Student from Adel, Ga. She graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2021 with Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Religion and a minor in Human Services. Before returning to UGA to pursue her master’s, Erin worked for a year as a special education teacher in a self contained classroom for children with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. Currently, she is completing the MPA program with a specialty in Healthcare Policy with the intent of working on mental health policy in the state of Georgia.


Bachelors | Franklin College of Arts and Science at the University of Georgia | 2021 | Psychology Religion

More About

Educational Experiences

I have had a wonderful educational experience at the University of Georgia. I started my time as an undergraduate as a psychology major. After taking an introductory course for religion, I decided to add religion as a second major (just for the fun of it). Following my graduation, I was fortunate enough to switch roles from student to teacher. I worked as a special education teacher in a self contained classroom. Being on the other side of education gave me a new insight on learning and cognition. I am now a first year MPA student.

Career Goals

I have a general path for my future career, but I do not have specific positions I would like to hold. We are currently in a mental health crisis, and while there are many communities that are suffering from this, there is a huge disparity of resources available to those living in rural parts of the state of Georgia. I hope to work with either the Department of Public Health, community health, nonprofits, or even as a lobbyist to try to bridge the gap, either through the development of incentive programs for mental health professionals or even the establishment of a mental health hospital below the Faultline. To do this, I intend to complete my MPA and go on to obtain a PhD in Clinical Psychology or a PsyD before searching for job opportunities that align with my goals.

Relevant Work Experience

Special Education Teacher

Areas of Expertise

Healthcare Policy

Research Interests

Mental Health Policy in relation to rural communities in Georgia