Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Erin McMeniman graduated from Brown University in 2022 with a degree in political science. During her time at Brown she competed on the track and field team throwing the javelin. She broke Brown’s record several times and finished her season competing at the NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championships.


BA | Brown University | 2022 | Political Science

More About

Educational Experiences

Erin’s interest in public service began with her Humanitarian Response class at Brown. Through various courses and research projects Erin discovered her passion for social justice and equality. She has taken several entrepreneurship courses at Brown as well and approaches solutions to the inequalities she learns about in class through an entrepreneurial lense.

Career Goals

As a Division I athlete, Erin aspires to pursue a career that will allow her to channel her competitive nature into implementing solutions that will solve the seemingly impossible task of creating world peace. She asks, “How do we solve the injustices of the world?” Effective policies, strong leadership to establish collective action and dependable financial resources can catapult the change needed to foster an appreciation for one another’s differences. Earning a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Georgia (UGA) she says will provide her with the skills she will need to organize movements, unite citizens, and raise the necessary funds needed to change unjust policies that favor privileged groups. Erin aspires to rebuild fractured, unbalanced structures. She knows change does not happen overnight, and change certainly does not happen in isolation. With a concentration in political science from Brown University and a master’s degree in Public Administration from UGA, Erin plans to blend her administrative and political skills with her passion for sports to influence policies and become a community and player relations manager with professional sports teams. It is Erin’s hope to utilize platforms of multiple professional athletes and teams as a vessel that will cultivate a common ground where individuals of opposing viewpoints can unite on issues larger than themselves. Leveraging her passion for sports and helping others, she looks forward to breaking boundaries with teams and communities striving towards equality and social justice.

Relevant Work Experience

Erin does not yet have professional experience working in public service. However, she has experience working in the world of sports as a multimedia specialist for the Ivy League Network at Brown University. Erin also participated in a mission trip during the summer of 2021 where she collaborated with Vagabond Missions to plan and organize a sports camp for inner city children and worked at the Red Door homeless shelter to help feed, clothe and spend time with the homeless.


Research Interests

Erin’s research interests include social justice, inequalities, and how sports develop communities. While at Brown University, Erin wrote many research papers including but not limited to: The Passing of the Empowering Olympic, Paralympic, and Amateur Athletes Act of 2020; Injustice in the Ghettos; The Effects of Mass Incarceration; Effects of Fracking on Median Household Income; and Invading Iraq.