Curriculum Vitae

Master of International Policy (MIP)


Emma is a second year Master of International Policy student focusing on international conflict mitigation.


B.A., Political Science, Auburn University

More About

Emma was born in Tennessee, but spent most of her life in Alabama. She has ridden horses competitively since she was only 4 years ones. She attended Auburn University, competing on the Auburn Eventing Team throughout her undergraduate experience and graduated a semester early with honors with a Bachelors in Political Science. This summer she had the pleasure of interning at Sandia National Laboratories supporting Sandia’s global security mission. Emma spends anytime away from school riding her horse and enjoying the beautiful Georgia greenery with her dog.

Of Note

Internship at Sandia: Business Development Intern Summer Graduate

Areas of Expertise

international conflict mitigation efforts by international organizations

Research Interests

International security, national security, nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear weapons, and security issues in general