Master of International Policy (MIP)

Emily is a first-year graduate student within the Master of International Policy Program. Upon graduation, she hopes to use her background in Latin American studies as well as the experience she gains in the program to potentially start a career in the federal government or in the international sector.


B.A. degrees in Anthropology, Romance Languages, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Georgia (2019)

More About

During my undergraduate career at UGA, I dedicated my studies to Latin American languages and cultures. For this reason, I obtained several scholarships, notably Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) scholarships, upon consideration by UGA’s Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI).

I had the opportunity to study abroad in Brazil twice, the first time as a student in an intensive summer language program and the second time as a Portuguese Flagship student. Through my participation in the Portuguese Flagship Program, I spent 10 months in Brazil, where I was able to take classes with Brazilian students and have an internship in the city of Manaus.

Research Interests

Latin America, political violence, natural resources and conflict, human rights, immigration, indigenous rights