Dylan Fender

Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science & International Affairs

Dylan Fender, of Greenwood, South Carolina, has spent several years working in the non-profit arena, as well as in grassroots organizing. He is now pursuing his Master’s Degree studies in Political Science.

  • BA, Political Science, Coastal Carolina University, 2015
More About

Dylan Fender earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Coastal Carolina University, graduating magna cum laude in December of 2015. While an undergrad, Dylan participated in several sessions of the South Carolina Student Legislature and worked his way into being selected as the Secretary of State for two sessions. His interest in leadership opportunities did not stop there as he was elected Student Body President in the spring of 2015. Dylan was also selected as one of the few Americans to attend the International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway. He also tries not to limit his engagements to one particular kind of activity and has played on teams ranging from soccer to Quidditch. If he isn’t caught up in his studies or knocking around a field somewhere, Dylan can usually be found listening to the latest podcast with a fresh cup of coffee nearby.

Of Note
  • Student Body President, Coastal Carolina University
  • Secretary of State for South Carolina Student Legislature
Research Interests

Dylan is interested in studying the political impacts of social media through a variety of lenses. He enjoys thinking about how social media impacts the decision making of voters as they begin finalizing their vote choice, but he is primarily interested in how social media interacts with the American social contract. Dylan is also interested in researching how international sporting competitions, in particular soccer and the FIFA World Cup, are becoming a key soft power weapons for state actors.