Master of Public Administration (MPA)

In April 2000, the first step as a government official at the Korea Customs Service (KCS) was started. Until 2011, contribution to fair trade by investigating illegal activities at import and export goods and actively supporting customs clearance at the KCS was made. At the Korean Ministry of Economy and Finance for more than 10 years, participation in the FTA negotiations in the fields of goods in trade, rules of origin, and trade facilitation, contributing to the conclusion of the Korea-Indonesia CEPA, Korea-Australia FTA, and Canada FTA was acted. In particular, in 2019, preemptive tariff contingency measures to counteract Brexit and Korea-UK FTA were created to prevent possible damage to Korean companies trading with the U.K.


Master | Seoul National University | present | Public Administration

Bachelor | Korea National Open University | 2006 | Public Administration

More About

Educational Experiences

Taking the Theories of Global Administration course, I learned about the complex international diplomatic relations and roles of global governance in issues such as international security, trade, development, and the environment. The Government and Market course taught me the relationship between the government and the market, as well as the role and function of the government. Moreover, I took the Evaluation of International Development Programs course to learn how to verify the value and effectiveness of international development projects in an objective and scientific way, and have learnt that institutions can carry out desirable projects through feedback after the evaluation. Finally, through the Social Research Methods course, I understood social phenomena and came up with solutions by using theoretical research methods.

Career Goals

After completing my master’s degree, I will return to the Korean government and utilize my new knowledge and experiences to conduct policy-making in the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The public policy sector needs new and creative approaches that meet people’s demands. In the long term, I hope to become a government officer who creates high-quality policies that help the economy by utilizing field experiences based on theoretical knowledge and coping with challenging situations in the future.

Relevant Work Experience

Work at the Korean Ministry of Economy and Finance (May, 2011 – present), work at the Korean Customs Service (Apr, 2000 – May, 2011)

Of Note

National Civil Service Award from Prime Minister for the encouragement of excellent proposal for a pre-guidance system of FTA benefits (2009)

Areas of Expertise

Customs and trade act

Research Interests

My research interests are customs and trade issues. So, I want to study on free trade policies.