Connaka Raines

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

When Connaka first decided to work in the public sector, she knew that she did not want to sit in an office and shuffle papers. She wanted to make a difference and be “in the know” with the events happening in her community. After graduating from UGA with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Connaka began working for the Gwinnett County Police Department as a 911 Dispatcher. Most of her days were filled with routine car accidents, domestics, and medical calls. Other days, she handled SWAT calls, natural disasters, and emergencies requiring multiple agency response. While serving as a 911 Dispatcher and a 911 Training Officer, Connaka received numerous commendations from peers, management, and civilians. One of her most memorable was a personal note from a Dekalb County District Attorney, noteworthy because of both status and jurisdiction, thanking her for her assistance in a criminal investigation.


Currently, Connaka is a part of the Jury Division in Gwinnett County. She is responsible for handling the day-to-day tasks that involve potential jurors, with a special focus on processing those who dodge their jury service. Connaka is busy creating a Standard Operations and Procedures manual for the Jury Division’s role in death penalty cases, and is an integral part of training new team members. This is Connaka’s 10th year of service with Gwinnett County, and she looks forward to potential management positions in the future.


BA Journalism | The University of Georgia / Grady College | 2005 | Broadcast News

Research Interests

Connaka is pursuing a Generalist Specialization, focusing mainly on Local Government Administration and Public Budgeting & Finance Administration. She is particularly interested in research topics related to managing a courthouse, such as personnel issues and budgets.