Curriculum Vitae

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science & International Affairs

Chun-Young is a PhD candidate in International Affairs. His areas of study are International Relations and Political Methodology, with a focus on international organizations and human security.


B.A.  | Yonsei University  | 2013 | Political Science and International Relations

M.A.  | Yonsei University  | 2016 | Political Science

More About

Chun-Young Park is a Ph.D candidate in International Relations. He attended Yonsei University in South Korea and received B.A. and M.A in Political Science. After his master’s degree, he also worked for government-affiliated research institute on Northeast Asian territorial issues. He is currently Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship grantee. His research is focused on how marginalized international actors, like middle and small states and NGOs, participate international human rights regime based on social incentives like prestige and authority.

Research Interests

Chun-Young’s main areas of interest are status hierarchy of states and non-governmental organizations in context of international organization. His current research focuses on the effect of status concerns on state’s behaviors, and operationalization/measurement of status network among states and NGOs. He is also interested in human security implications of authoritarian states’ expanded engagements with human rights institutions.