Chengyue Zhao

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

As a law school student in college, I managed to gain myself an internship in the Supreme People’s Court of China after graduation. Instead of deeper delve my enthusiasm in legal issues, I found my interest in public policy while witnessing the discussion towards an upcoming judicial interpretation that aimed to produce an overall transformation in the intellectual property policies nationwide.


My experience in GE Healthcare China further strengthened my will to devote myself into public policy research. Being a member in the GoBlue & PCB Marketing, focusing on private and primary healthcare businesses in China, I was exposed to policy analysis and hygienic economics in real cases. I saw an urgent need for professionals who could resolve the dilemma faced by primary clinics between limited fiscal budget and essential medical equipment, as well as the severe talent loss.


Bachelor, China Foreign Affairs University, 2014, Law

Research Interests

I am interested in policy implementation especially how the local government implement a nationwide policy accord with its local needs and how to publicize a policy effectively.