Curriculum Vitae

Master of International Policy (MIP)

Chase is a student within the Master of International Policy program working as a graduate research assistant with the Center for International Trade and Security. His research interests include export controls, energy policy, and covert action.


Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs, University of Georgia

More About

As a student in UGA’s Double-Dawg program, Chase is pursuing his undergraduate and graduate degrees concurrently. Since arriving at UGA, Chase has held leadership positions in the Phi Kappa Literary Society where he was elected to represent the society in its intersociety debate. He wrote a comparative piece for the Georgia Political Review evaluating qualitative distinctions in American, Russian, and Chinese approaches to covert action tradecraft. As a student in the Russian Flagship Program, an immersive program funded by the Department of Defense to rapidly develop proficiency in the Russian language. Chase completed a comparative analysis of the structural and systemic differences between Russian and US intelligence agencies for the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities, delivered entirely in Russian. He co-founded the Loch Johnson Society for the purpose of showcasing undergraduate and graduate-level policy research and served as its Editor-in-Chief. Chase also worked as an intern with TradeSecure, an Athens-based export controls consulting company. Following this, Chase began working as an Energy Security Scholar at the Center for International Trade and Security’s Applied Energy Studies program.

Research Interests

Export Controls, Non-Proliferation, Energy Security, Covert Action