Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Cammie Chavez is utilizing the University of Georgia’s Double Dawgs program to simultaneously work on both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. Currently, she is a fourth year student working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in History and aspires to become a museum director. Cammie aims to enter the museum field and manage organizations with the intent of educating the public on world history. ​In Spring of 2020, Cammie began pursuing the Museum Studies Certificate and earned a student docent position at UGA’s Special Collections Library. Cammie’s undergraduate work is preparing her for a career in the museum field, however a Master’s in Public Administration would better equip her to handle both the educational and administrative tasks of a nonprofit or public museum. In Fall of 2021, Cammie was accepted into UGA’s Master’s of Public Administration program, as this program will best compliment her undergraduate work and propel her towards her a career in public management. Cammie is predicted to graduate with her Bachelor’s Degree in Spring of 2022 and finish the MPA Program in Fall of 2022.

More About

Educational Experiences:

In Fall of 2018, Cammie Chavez began her undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia. She is pursuing a History B.A with minors in both Transnational European Studies and Sociology, as well as a Museum Studies Certificate. During the Summer of 2019, Cammie studied abroad in Paris, France for six weeks and was able to explore its history and culture. In 2020, Cammie earned the position of student docent at UGA’s Special Collections Library and intends to continue this internship until Spring of 2022. Cammie will graduate in Spring of 2020 with her Bachelor’s Degree and continue her education in the Master’s of Public Administration program. She is predicted to graduate with her Master’s Degree in Fall of 2022.

Career Goals:

Cammie aspires to become a museum director at a public or nonprofit museum. She wishes to educate those who seek knowledge and, furthermore, manage organizations with this intent. Other interests include Higher Education Administration and overseeing universities and/or colleges.

Relevant Work Experience:

Beginning in 2020, Cammie is interning at the University of Georgia’s Special Collections Library with the position of student docent. With this internship, Cammie has applied her analytical and research skills to gallery exhibit development and tours. She plans to continue her internship until Spring of 2022.