Master of International Policy (MIP)

I am deeply fascinated by the highly malleable and chaotic geopolitical environment we presently inhabit. It is my aim to gain a comprehensive and functional understanding of the problems we face as a species so as to progress as a more cohesive global population.


Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with a focus on Political Science, History and International Studies from Indiana University- Bloomington.

More About

My name is Ben Hexamer. Though born in Indianapolis, Indiana, I have called Georgia home for the majority of my life. Following high school, I attended Indiana University with the explicit goal of becoming more knowledgeable regarding the world we inhabit. This took the form of becoming deeply involved in the study of history (specifically regarding inter/intra-state conflict and genocide) and acquiring a sufficient understanding of the Western liberal-democratic order and its constituent foreign and domestic political spheres. During my time at Indiana University, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark with the DIS (Study Abroad in Scandinavia) program (focusing on terrorism and counter-terrorism) and aid as a teaching assistant for the Political Science Department, which allowed for a greater engagement with the material at hand. In summary, IU served as a successful catalyst for the advancement of my education and career goals. To that end, the MIP program is the logical next step in my education, with the terminus being where I can without trepidation put my knowledge to good use.

Research Interests
  • Human Security
  • Military History (Early Modern period to Information Warfare)
  • Instances of Genocide (past and present)
  • Intra-State Conflict and the future of violence