Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Bailey has always been interested in the potential of government funding and intervention in youth development programming. As an undergraduate student, Bailey worked with the National 4-H Council and as an intern in the office of Senator Johnny Isakson on agriculture and education issues. He has been heavily involved with the 4-H program since he was a child, and has focused his life on being able to bridge the gap for youth in building their future. Most recently, he assisted in the process of implementing a contract with the Department of Defense and the Air Force to provide military youth with leadership development programs. He graduated with bachelors degrees in Political Science and Communication Studies with a Public Affairs certificate in Applied Politics from the University of Georgia, and is now pursuing an MPA with the hopes of bettering non-profit youth organizations upon graduation.


Bachelors, University of Georgia, 2019 Majors- Political Science & Communication Studies

Bailey attended the University of Georgia for his undergraduate career, dual majoring in Political Science and Communication Studies. He was also chosen to be a part of the second cohort of a joint certificate program with the School of Public and International Affairs in Public Affairs, choosing a focus in Applied Politics. As a student, he participated in the UGA Washington Semester program, where he interned in office of Senator Johnny Isakson.

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Bailey is interested in assisting in the administration and implementation of youth development programs. As a student, he witnessed firsthand the impact of university and state funded activities for leadership development. After spending many years as an employee of the 4-H program, he has decided that he wanted to do all he can to ensure programs like these continue. Ultimately, he hopes to return to his roots and better a program that is dear to him so that future youth can benefit the way he did.

Work experience:
Bailey has worked in youth development since he graduated high school in 2014. For the first three years after graduation he worked as a camp counselor for three of the UGA Cooperative Extension 4-H Centers. Afterwards, he moved more into a curriculum and management role, as he was the camp director for UGA’s Summer Academy program through Public Service & Outreach. He worked in Washington D.C. at the National 4-H Conference Center, assisting in the implementation of a citizenship education program. Most recently, he worked for the 4-H Military Partnership, assisting in the completion of a contract with the Department of Defense and the Air Force providing leadership development camps to military dependent youth.

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