Applied Politics

Austin Myhre is a second-year student from Illinois, majoring in economics, political science, and international affairs. Austin is interested in a wide range of issues, such as expanding access to quality healthcare, securing an environmentally sustainable future, and increasing economic welfare. Austin is involved across campus, serving as the policy training coordinator for Roosevelt @ UGA, a News Editor for the Loch Johnson Society, and a Senator in UGA’s Student Government Association. After dealing with a serious radon issue in his apartment, Austin drafted legislation he named the “Tenants Radon Protection Act,” to better inform and protect tenants about the risk of radon in Georgia, and lobbied it to the Georgia General Assembly. A variation of his legislation will likely be introduced in early 2022. He is currently researching the phenomenon of monetary surrogacy in congressional campaigns. Austin is pursuing internships that offer legislative experience, and he hopes to work in some dimension of political consulting, whether it be campaigns, lobbying, policy work, or all of it.