Austin Doctor

Curriculum Vitae

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science & International Affairs

Austin studies comparative politics, international relations, and political methodology. His research focuses on civil wars, the behavior of armed non-state actors, and political violence.

Austin’s dissertation—Rebel Leaders and the Management of Armed Rebel Organizations in Intrastate Conflict—explains how rebel leaders’ prewar experiences affect the decisions that they make in the management of rebel organizations. Towards the completion of this project, in summer 2018, Austin conducted a month of fieldwork in Angola. Semi-structured interviews with former rebel commanders and other conflict participants inform a case study analysis of the UNITA insurgency during the Angolan Civil War. This dissertation is supported by multiple research grants from the University of Georgia.

  • B.A., Covenant College 2013, History and Political Science
Of Note
  • The Dean’s Award for Social Sciences, University of Georgia
  • Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant, University of Georgia
  • Co-Director of the Rebel Leaders in Civil War Data Project (with John D. Willingham)
  • Graduate School Research Assistantship, University of Georgia
  • Maclellan Scholar, Covenant College
Research Interests

Austin’s substantive research engages the fields of comparative politics and international relations. He addresses questions relating to international security, armed non-state actors, civil war, and political violence. Taken together, his work investigates the strategic behavior of armed non-state actors in order to provide insight into the micro-foundations of violent political conflict.